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[MONOCLI76] Albert Silver | This And That EP OUT on 14th October 2014 at

Review:   Being born in1982, in a house with a drum-kit in the basement and a father who liked hitting it more than anything else, the sound of a base drum was one of the first things that entered Marks ears. The addiction to drum sounds never faded. Ten years later, when the first personal computer set foot in his
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[MONOCLI75] Cardao | The Message EP OUT on 30th September 2014 at

Review:   The music world was always something that fascinated Cardão. This strong passion for electronics began to develop around 2007, with just 16 years old. He decided to start playing, doing dj set’s that could put any style lover to dance like there is no tomorrow. Cardão also started going to parties, always with great attention to line-up’s and
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[MONOCLI74] John V | Checkpoint EP OUT on 09th September 2014 at

Review:   Colombian artist living in Madrid, Spain, John F Vasquez aka John V has been playing techno and house music since the late 90s. At the age of 16, he decided to start his career as a DJ and had his first adventure at the legendary Spin Club in Bogota. After some great releases on labels like Onh.Cet and
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[MONOCLI73] Szeb | Particles On Autumn OUT on 12th August 2014 at

Review:   Sebastian aka Szeb began his musical journey in 2000, playing in some clubs around Argentina. As a new member of Monocline Records, he already brings his own character and personality on “Particles On Autumn”, his first EP on the label. Dark, hypnotic and dynamic techno are the keywords of this incredible release. Tracklisting: 1. Szeb – Particles On
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[MONOCLI72] Coeter | X0X LP w/ Urbano RMX OUT on 22th July 2014 at

Review:   Coeter´s love for sound and colour has lasting for a decade by now. The playful handling with various elements is one of the core points of his work. Ideas come up in moments of spontaneity and regularly end up in runs of concentrated work-flows. Through “consequent deconstruction” creates space for smartly modulated details. Principal elements are decentralized and
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