“Celebrating it’s 9th anniversary, Monocline Records launch a gem-packed compilation featuring 13 artists who are shaping the current sound of the label. From machine driven stompers, wavy dreamy electronics to straight up high voltage techno or even beautiful ambient pieces, this release encompasses the most various range of Monocline from past, present and future.” 

Various | Nine
Catalogue No.: MONOCLI106
Format: Digital
Release Date: May 17th, 2019


1. Svarog – Civil Security (Original Mix)

2. Dystopic L. – Mono (Original Mix)

3. Ness – Gravitational Anomalies (Original Mix)

4. Cloze Encounter – Stellar (Original Mix)

5. MTD – Continuous Flow (Original Mix)

6. Re:Axis – Devotion (Original Mix)

7. R.W.T.C – Crossing Telharmonic (Original Mix)

8. Alex Randal – Collapsed Civilization (Original Mix)

9. Leandro Gámez – Naked Eye (Original Mix)

10. Splinter (UA) – Spherical Bells (Original Mix)

11. Simone Gatto – Modulo (Original Mix)

12. Bebop – Panda (Original Mix)

13. Visum – Aufstieg (Original Mix)



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