“We welcome Charlie Thorstenson from Malmö, Sweden. The interest for electronic music was introduced early in his life. With a dream of owning those strange looking boxes of sound, he bought the best he could afford. Years of self learning and experimenting resulted in his first ”real” alias, Charlie don’t Surf.  After releasing music on labels like Ovum Recordings or even Bedrock, he is ready to unleash the hypnotic patterns of techno, mixing acid lines and textures with a lot of heart has resulted in a warm analog EP – “Black Paws”. The fascination of finding rhythms in effect tails and discovering the beautiful textures between the notes is a driving force of his sound that always keep evolving.“

Charlie Thorstenson | Black Paws EP
Catalogue No.: MONOCLI108
Format: Digital
Release Date: October 25th, 2019


1. Charlie Thorstenson – Arid (Original Mix)

2. Charlie Thorstenson – Black Paws (Original Mix)

3. Charlie Thorstenson – Brinner (Original Mix)

4. Charlie Thorstenson – Idle (Original Mix)

5. Charlie Thorstenson – Intakt (Original Mix)



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