“We are more than happy to present the new long play from the label head José Diogo Correia aka Re:Axis. On this uplifting take on techno release finally expands his complete creative vision of what dance music truly means to him. Romanticism yet crystallized forms leads the entire album with a driving cosmic groove, tempo and power. it holds narratives deeply connected to personal experience, going beyond and far within. A beautiful journey in constant flow with organic and synthetic sounds that creates an immersive soundtrack for each individual to explore.”

Re:Axis | Flow Steps LP
Catalogue No.: MONOCLI109
Format: Digital
Release Date: December 13th, 2019


1. Re:Axis – Water Flows (Intro feat. Lorelle)

2. Re:Axis – Embody (Original Mix)

3. Re:Axis – Reprogram (Original Mix)

4. Re:Axis – Turn Towards Light (Original Mix)

5. Re:Axis – Inner Fire (Original Mix)

6. Re:Axis – Choose Resonance (Original Mix)



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